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New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat: A Running Diary



It’s the NBA on Friday night with the Knicks and Heat on queue. No Carmelo Anthony, but I still expect the Knicks to come out fighting. For the Heat it’s Dwayne Wade’s return. Without Wade the team is 8-1, with Wade only 5-4. Can LeBron James and Wade co-exist? It’s the underlying story of this matchup.


1st Quarter

11:15 James throws one into the seats. Was it meant for Wade? For drama purposes let’s assume the answer is yes.

10:25 Iman Shumpert blows a dunk for the Knicks. What’s worse, a blown dunk or an air ball? Let’s come back to this one.

10:12 James slam dunk.

9:30 Wade steals the ball and lobs to James for a thundering dunk. Note #1: On plays like this it should be mandatory for the announcer to scream “The NBA, it’s FAAANtastic!” Note #2: Lots of empty seats in Miami. Lesson as always is Miami fans suck.

8:25 Wade slam dunk followed by a Toney Douglas three. Somehow the Knicks are up 9-8. If this game were scored on style points it would be 20-9 Miami.

7:46 Another Toney Douglas three, 12-8 Knicks.

6:28 Wade explodes for another dunk followed by a Landry Fields three, 17-16 Knicks.

2:53 Billy Walker hits a three; James ends the first with a ferocious dunk. Apparent games plans are for the Knicks: Jack up threes; Heat: High percentage shots = dunks

End of 1st, 22-22

A Burger King commercial reminds me of a story I read today about a girl who passed out after eating McDonald’s chicken McNuggets every day for fifteen years (starting at age 2.) Burning Question #1: Was there a favorite dipping sauce? Burning Question #2: It took fifteen years before her body rejected the McNuggets? Really? Burning Question #3: Does she quit cold turkey or will she have to slowly “get off” McNuggets, eating only 6-piece meals for a couple months?

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2nd Quarter

11:30 Mike Bibby hits a three, Knicks up 25-24.

11:10 Chris Bosh air ball. Okay, after further review it’s settled, blowing a dunk is much more embarrassing.

10:59 Mike Bibby hits back-to-back threes followed by a Steve Novak three. It’s raining New York threes in Miami. Time out Heat. New York is up 31-26.

Olive Garden is changing their menu. Let’s hope the “tour of Italy” and “bottomless soup/salad” entrees are still under the classic dishes.

9:42 Even Jared Jeffries is popping threes, but misses. Mike Bibby misses a three and then Steve Novak misses three in a row. Classic live by three, die by the three. Also, this isn’t college, living ONLY by the three never works in the NBA. However: Threes are up over Dunks 32-31.

5:01 Another Billy Walker three, 39-38 Knicks.

3:33 Knicks in the penalty leading to free throws and then another James dunk. Heat are up 44-39.

2:19 Billy Walker hits another three followed by another Wade to James transition dunk. No issues with the Wade/James express, they appear to be clicking just fine. Bosh on the other hand (who has also been playing incredible in Wade’s absence) is struggling. This goes mostly unnoticed given Amar’e Stoudemire is also stinking it up.

End of 2nd qtr, Heat up 52-48, dunks beating threes.


3rd Quarter

10:10 Game plan NOT adjusted for the Knicks, Toney Douglas three, down 56-53. Bosh missing lots of shots, I count three air balls so far. This can hardly be blamed on the return of Wade, although I’m guessing some will try.

8:47 Billy Walker: THREE! Tie game.

8:22 James heating up, BUT here comes Walker with another three, Knicks up 59-58. Walker follows this up by BANKING a three putting the Knicks up by 4. The NBA, it’s FAAAANtastic!

7:10 Wade dunk.

4:35 Defensive game (or sloppy depending on your eye), Douglas attempts a three from almost half court. Predictably this doesn’t go in.

1:59 Shane Battier enters for Miami and hits back to back threes. If you can’t beat them, join them! Tie game 71-71. The crowd finally wakes up; James closes out the quarter with a difficult layup he makes look easy.

End of 3rd qtr, Miami leads 74-71.



4th Quarter

9:58 The Knicks continue to jack up threes. They are down 3; you know what that calls for? Steve Novak hits three, ties the game at 74.

8:21 Wade hits a jumper, Miami up 78-75. Down by three…Novak misses this time.

7:35 Miami starting to pull away with dunks and layups. The threes have stopped falling for New York. 82-75 Miami. The Knicks are 16-40 from three point range. Is this acceptable? Maybe if we are watching UW-Green Bay going up against Duke, but not the NBA.

5:05 Stoudemire wakes up, but it’s too late. Despite all the Bosh misses, Wade and James are controlling the game. James finishes with 31 points, Wade finishes with 29.

Final score 99-89 in favor of the Dunks. Overall FAAAANtastic and entertaining game! Lots of fast break dunks, streaky three point shooting, and validation that Dunks always beat out Threes.




By David Grant
ProBasketball-Fans Staff Writer
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