Quantcast 2011-12 Sacramento Kings Basketball: Demarcus Cousins Problems


Kings must trade Demarcus Cousins Now


DeMarcus Cousins is a talented NBA big man, a player full of potential that has the opportunity to be an all-time great. The Sacramento Kings know this, that’s why they picked Cousins 5 th overall in the 2010 NBA Draft. The Kings envisioned Cousins to be a cornerstone of their franchise along with the 2009-10 NBA Rookie of the Year, G Tyreke Evans. Cousins is talented, but he is also has behavioral issues and can be a disruptive force, one a young team like the Kings doesn’t need. Cousins has had issues everywhere he has played, in his only year of College at the University of Kentucky, to his short tenure with the Kings. Cousins’ trouble issues is why he was the 5 th overall pick rather than the 2 nd pick, which he should have been based on talent. Cousins’ rookie year was a mixed bag, he had a good year stat wise averaging 14.1 Points Per Game and 8.6 Rebounds Per Game, while having violate, disruptive and behavior on and off the court. Cousins had to be disciplined several times by the Kings for behavioral issues; also Cousins has had several run-ins with Sacramento Coaches, including Head Coach Paul Westphal, former Assistant Coaches Mario Erie and Truck Robinson, and Strength –and-Conditioning Coach Daniel Shapiro.

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In one particular incident, Cousins was suspended by the Kings after a locker room altercation with teammate Donte Greene after Greene didn’t pass him the ball for a potential game-winning shot in a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Greene instead pass the ball to Evans, who missed a three-point attempt as time expired). The Kings thought Cousins had put his issues behind him during the extended lockout and would come into this season just ready to play basketball, but where they were wrong on that assumption. On Saturday (Dec 31 ST) Cousins got into another shouting match with Westphal in the coach’s office after a loss to the New York Knicks where Cousins may or may not have requested a trade (Westphal says yes, Cousins’ agent John Grieg says no). As a result of the altercation, Westphal told Cousins to stay away from Sunday (Jan1st) game the following night against the New Orleans Hornets. Westphal is clearly tired of Cousins’ tantrums and wants him gone from the team, but Kings Co-Owner Joe Maloof and General Manager Geoff Petrie said they will not trade Cousins regadless of his wishes; I would strongly urged them to re-consider.




Cousins is a talented player yes, but a change of scenery would do both he and the Kings some good. Cousins would benefit from benefit from being on a team with a respected Head Coach and strong leadership from players who could take Cousins under their wing and would not tolerate his outbursts. Teams such as the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, or the Dallas Mavericks would a good place for Cousins to play. The Kings would lose a distraction they don’t need if they are to grow as a team. While they would miss his productivity on the court, The Kings would make up for it with team chemistry. Going their separate ways is the only option for Cousins and the Kings.


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By: Gerald Britts
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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