Quantcast 2012 New York Knicks Basketball: Knicks vs Bucks


The Race for the Eighth Seed: New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks



Friday night basketball on the MSG network tonight featured the current 8th and 9th seeds in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks have lost three road games in a row, but currently hold a three game lead over the Bucks. This game smells like career type nights for both Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Lin, READ: Little to NO defense.

1st Quarter

11:55 Carmelo hits a quick jumper and then commits a quick foul

11:16 Jeremy Lin scores plus one, misses the free throw

09:57 Drew Gooden is pacing the Bucks, he has their first six. Not a good start when “Drew Gooden is pacing”…Willis Reed just mentioned Gooden is looking confident. For the Bucks this means the ball is not coming out once thrown into the post.

08:55 Lin makes a pass from half court, the Milwaukee crowd cheers.

08:00 The Knicks have started off six for six, Gooden has eight for the Bucks, and there is NO defense being played.

07:14 Gooden bricks a three, the Knicks are now a perfect eight for eight from the field. May need to switch over to The Big East tourney soon.

06:52 Timeout. Knicks still perfect from the field and lead 20-13.

05:03 Brandon Jennings throws up an air ball after the timeout. I’m assuming that was NOT the way Scott Skiles drew it up. Lin follows with another assist (5), Knicks are still shooting 100%, nine for nine. Amar’e Stoudemire drops in another easy bucket, ten for ten. After a Carlos Delfino for the Bucks the Knicks are up 24-16.

05:03 Knicks miss a shot. Milwaukee native (and Marquette star) Steve Novak checks in.

04:50 Larry Sanders looks incredibly awkward. The Larry Sanders project continues. Gary Shandling would look less awkward in the paint.

03:53 Novak hits a three, Knicks up 28-18.

03:26 Sanders has back to back put backs. Apparently he didn’t like my Gary Shandling comment. FYI, Sanders is already a point over his average.

02:47 The Knicks are shooting 82%, but only up 32-26.

00:29 For two minutes Mike Dunleavy Jr. lights up the Knicks, finishing with 14 points in the quarter and giving the Bucks a 36-34 lead.

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2nd Quarter

10:35 The Larry Sanders show continues with a tomahawk dunk. Novak answers with a three, game tied at 39.

08:00 Lin hits a long 2, putting the Knicks up 6.

06:31 Past minute: Stoudemire dunk. Jennings 3. Stoudemire dunk. Jennings runner. NO DEFENSE!

06:18 Novak drops another three, keeps the Knicks up 52-44.

05:32 Jennings drives, draws a double team and kicks it out to Ersan Ilyasova for three. That was the way Skiles drew up the play.

After a timeout the broadcast comes back and displays the KFC bucket chart. Great move by MSG: KFC buckets and baskets? Perfect. Phenomenal idea!

04:09 More dunks and zero defense. First team to 150 wins tonight!

03:12 Ilyasova drives AND 1, pulling the Bucks back within two, down 58-56.

02:55 Lin for three, and now has 9 points and 8 assists. LINSANITY! LINSANITY! What? Too late?

01:49 After a questionable offensive foul call Skiles rises from the bench. He really has a face of a UFC fighter.

Halftime: 65-61 Knicks lead.


3rd Quarter

11:08 Dunleavy for three, ties game at 65.

09:50 Jennings starts to heat up, Stoudemire answers. They swap baskets for two minutes.

07:08 Gooden is crashing the boards, Bucks up 77-72. Timeout Knicks.

04:15 A lot of back and forth and still ZERO defense, Jennings nails a 3, Dunleavy follows with another three, putting the Bucks up 85-78.

03:15 Tough bank shot by Lin. Anyone else have Lin Fever? Okay, I know, that’s over with. Next time down the court Lin dishes to Novak for 3, cutting the Bucks lead to two.

02:08 Ilyasova for three, Bucks back up 89-83.

00:40 Lin picks up his fourth foul, Ilyasova hits two free throws, putting the Bucks up 93-83. BTW, a lot of talk about Ersan Ilyasova and the trade deadline coming up. Don’t know how the Bucks can let him go, but then again…



4th Quarter

The Knicks are still shooting over 50% and the Bucks have eleven threes. Did I mention neither one of these teams are playing defense tonight?

10:26 After another Larry Sanders offensive rebound and put back (have never said that before) the Bucks are up 14. Timeout New York. When we come back we check out the KFC bucket chart. I could watch a 24 hour channel of just the KFC bucket chart! Hey, maybe I’m just hungry…

10:07 Lin hits a fade away, 16 points and 11 assists and NO defense.

09:18 Jennings drive right down the middle for two, Fields answers. Bucks still up ten, 99-89. Then Delfino drops a three to push the lead to thirteen.

08:03 Both teams are scoring at will. Larry Sanders has turned into an offensive rebounding machine.

06:50 Baron Davis for a deep three. You know what that means, a LOT more three attempt coming from Davis.

05:55 Stoudemire and the Knicks score ten straight to pull within five. Timeout Bucks. On the way to the bench Baron Davis taunts the Bucks players. I would be careful Baron, Larry Sanders has 11 boards in 16 minutes, he’s FEELING IT!

04:35 Davis tosses a beautiful pass to Fields for two, Delfino answers for three on the other side. Then back to Fields for two more. Bucks up 111-107.

03:39 Jennings draws Lin’s fifth foul and makes one of two, but there’s a line violation. Jennings misses again. Bucks up five.

03:17 Lin hits a long two, pulling the Knicks within three.

02:42 Davis drives right at Dunleavy for two, one point game.

01:42 DEFENSE! The Knicks are playing defense!

01:29 Lin throws it through Stoudemire’s hands. Bucks ball.

01:06 Ilyasova retrieves an offensive rebound and draws a foul, hits both free throws. Bucks up 114-111.

00:50 Carmelo for two.

00:28 Ilyasova another put back for two! The Bucks can’t trade this guy, can they? Bucks back up three.

00:23 Stoudemire caught traveling, turnover, Bucks ball.

00:23 Five second violation, turnover, Knicks ball.

Does anyone want to win this game? Classic do you foul or give them a three?

00:10 Anthony drives to the basket and is fouled; bricks the first, hits the second. 116-114 Bucks, Skiles calls a timeout.

00:09 Jennings fouled with a chance to ice the game. Jennings hits both. Knicks final timeout, down four.

The Milwaukee Bucks win 119-114 and pull within two games of the eight seed. Will this game be pivotal in the race? Did Ilyasova just make a stronger case for free agency? To be continued…



By: David S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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