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Knicks Can’t Find Rhythm; lose to Cavs



After a big momentous win over the Bobcats on the road, the Knicks take a step back, losing to Cleveland for the 9 th straight time at Quicken Loans Arena, 91-81. Both teams were battling in the early goings with the Cavaliers nursing a 4 point leads after one quarter of play. The Knicks started the second on a 17-4 run taking a nine point lead only to let up a 14-5 run to end the half tied at 45.

The momentum clearly shifted after the late first half surge towards the home team. The Knicks were playing catch up the entire second half, scoring just 36 points on 14/36 shooting. What happened to the Knicks offense that was so exciting to watch last year? Is it the addition of Carmelo Anthony? Is it the shortened offseason? Is it the point guard play? Well, it’s a combination of all three.

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I keep finding myself saying that there is no doubt in my mind that Carmelo is an elite scorer, even with his current struggles. Melo has been in a slump lately, shooting 35.8% in his last ten games. The problem is in Melo’s career, he’s been 36.4% shooter, so it’s clear something else is affecting his game. Is the pressure and expectations that go along with playing for a New York team getting under his skin? Maybe, but let’s look deeper.

The Knicks currently rank 24 th in assists per game. Shumpert, Bibby and Douglas all average under 4 assists per game. Surprisingly, Melo leads the team in assists with 4.3/g. That’s pathetic. With Fields, Carmelo, Stat and Chandler, all capable scorers, the last thing the Knicks need is a shoot first point guard. The Knicks seem stagnant on offense, constantly dishing one pass, then following it with a one on one drive/mid-range jumper from Stat or Melo. The Knicks would have undoubtedly benefitted from a full offseason and might just be a matter of team chemistry, but I’m starting to question the deal for Melo more and more each day.



Since acquiring Melo from Denver, The Knicks are 21-26. Denver is 30-12. The Knicks have about as much depth as a kiddie pool, while Denver looks like the Pacific. The Knicks couldn’t assist an old lady crossing the street, while Denver looks like a bunch of good Samaritans. Am I a little bitter? Like a ripe lemon. What makes things worse is the Knicks are taking on LeBron and the scorching Heat, on the road, without Melo due to wrist and knee problems. I’ll be praying for them.


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By: Nicholas Circharo
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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