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Knicks vs. Celtics: The OT + 1 minute (A Recap)



In three meetings this season, the Knicks and Celtics games have come down to the final possession. Sunday’s ABC featured game would be no different. For the Celtics, this game was a first look at Jeremy Lin, the point guard that has rejuvenated the Knicks, their fan base, and their coaching staff. For the Knicks, this is the first of a five game road trip. Oh, and both are only a half-game apart in the standings. Let’s check out another classic ending.

Fourth quarter


With the Celtics down by three Paul Pierce confidently throws up an ugly three from the top of the key which is GOOD! Game tied! This particular play if this was the Heat and LeBron James was playing the role of Pierce. James with a beautiful cross-over fakes out three defenders, he all alone at the top of the key and passes the ball to <insert bench player here> who is guarded so he passes it back with one second left. James is forced to take the clutch shot, he looks good doing it, but misses the shot…


Carmelo Anthony misses a shot over Pierce. Enter overtime.

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The star of the game has been Rajon Rondo, brining a triple double into the OT. Rondo’s assault continues with two assists and a layup to start off the extended play, Celtics up 110-105. So it was fun to compare Jeremy Lin to Steve Nash WAY too early, but there is something to be said that the Knicks do look a little bit like the Phoenix Suns. Is this good or bad? Lots of division titles, not so many championships.


Not exactly an exciting finish, the Celtics end up owning the Knicks in the final period. Rondo finishes with 18 points, 17 rebounds, and 20 assists. Also, worth mentioning, Rondo scored or assisted on almost EVERY one of the C’s points in OT.

Final Celtics 115 Knicks 111

It did end up being the day of the point guard, just not what many expected. With Linsanity still going strong in New York, it was Rondo who turned in a career day in front of a national audience. The question now turns to the rumors as the trading deadline approaches. Will the Celtics actually trade their star point guard, and if so, what value can they really expect?

To be continued…




By: David S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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