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REVIEW: The Knicks Coaching Candidates



It took minutes after Mike D’Antoni stepped down as head coach of the Knicks for the rumor mill to start up. The popular (and most sensible) names include Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan, but what about the non-sensible possibilities. Let’s remember, these are the Knicks and ANYTHING is possible.

1. Pat Riley

No longer able to watch the “big 3” stumble to the finish line Riley leaves Miami, comes to New York and gets the Knicks into the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, anything is possible, including Riley making LeBron cry during a crucial moment.

2. Bill Belichick

The MSG hoodie look would be interesting!

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3. Rick Pitino

If for no reason: After initial frustration, two months into the job we get to hear “Patrick Ewing isn’t coming through that door! Willis Reed isn’t coming through that door!, etc…”

4. Spike Lee

Has anyone watched more Knicks games courtside? He would have the respect and you could argue he has “some” experience.

5. Alec Baldwin

He has toyed around with running for Mayor so this seems like a logical place to get involved. Also, given his temper, once month in he would probably recreate the palace brawl by jumping into the crowd after a fan makes a crack about one of his brothers!




By: David S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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