Quantcast 2012 New York Knicks Basketball: Knicks vs Heat


Despite Melo’s 42, Knicks Lose to Heat 93-85



Ever since Stoudemire’s big frame has been absent from the paint, Melo has taken advantage. Dropping 30+ points like it’s going out of style, Melo proved once again Sunday afternoon that he is still an elite scorer in this league. 42 points/9 rebounds/5 assists is a line no one can complain about, even the Melo haters. Unfortunately for Melo, no other starter was able to post double digit points and the big three took advantage.

Wade, LeBron and Bosh combined for 73 of the Heats 93 points and dominated the paint, grabbing 33 Miami’s 47 rebounds. Although the Heat managed to lose the lead late in the fourth and struggle in the half-court offense, which seems to be a season long theme, Bosh seemingly grabbed every important rebound and the Heat reclaimed the lead with about 3 minutes left and never looked back.

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This was the first game where I found myself thinking that the Knicks were at a disadvantage without Amar’e in the lineup. Bosh owned the paint. He showed the deed at the beginning of the game and made sure the Knicks saw that he had exclusive rights to all rebounds in the paint. He was simply too athletic for Chandler and too big for Jeffries and Novak to handle. Amar’e on the other hand, could have helped the Knicks win that game and at least take one from the Heat before we play them in the playoffs, barring a Philadelphia collapse.

The fact that the Knicks blew another 4 th quarter lead didn’t bother me at all; LeBron and Wade hit big contested shots late that the Knicks couldn’t have done anything about. The fact that J.R. Smith and Baron Davis made bonehead plays down the stretch didn’t bother me. The fact that Shumpert and Fields couldn’t hit a shot if the hoop could fit a beach ball didn’t bother me. What has bothered me and continues to bother me is shot selection. Quick shot after quick shot, quick threes down 1 or an ill-advised drive that result in a turnover. These are textbook plays that the Knicks seem to run in crucial moments, something the Heat never seem to do. What does the Heat do in the fourth? Buckle down on defense and take smart, high percentage shots, not chuck up deep threes and quick 15 footers. If the Knicks are going to make a playoff run, they need to improve shot selection late in the game, or they are going to continue to squander opportunities to win and take an early exit out of the playoffs.




By: Nicholas Circharo
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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