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Jeremy Lin Watch: Lakers vs. Knicks running diary



In case you haven’t heard there’s been an outbreak in New York City and its called Lin Fever. After three dazzling games (25.3 points, 8.5 assists) there’s a lot of anticipation for Friday night’s game at MSG against Kobe and the Lakers. During the pre-game there is a quick mention that Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are both out. That is the last we hear from these two. Tonight is about the hype surrounding the Knicks new point guard: Jeremy Lin.

1st Quarter

11:34 Jeremy Lin misses his first jumper.

11:20 Lin flops, draws a foul. The kid looks NBA ready to me.

09:32 Lin shoots and hits a three, Knicks lead 3-2.

08:55 Lin to Tyson Chandler, Knicks lead 5-4; Hubie Brown notes that Lin NEVER misses that pass. Settle down Hubie, it’s a long game.

08:15 Lin for two more. After only a few games, the offense is flowing through Lin. Not to get too Hubie on everyone, but this kid looks like a leader out there.

07:46 Lin to Chandler again. Hubie reminds everyone: NEVER!

07:18 Line adds two more, 7 points and two assists.

07:02 Another Lin layup.

06:35 Lin misses; Hubie bites his lip holding back “Lin NEVER misses that shot!”

06:05 Lin to Jared Jeffries, Knicks up 15-6. Question: So is it just assumed that every time Lin goes to the hoop the opposing team is calling him “Harvard?”

05:30 Hubie makes a reference to the seventies.

05:25 Lin misses a free throw. Meanwhile…at the NY Post someone just yelled “Stop the presses! Maybe the kid doesn’t deserve the cover!” Lin hits his second free throw; he’s back on the cover.

01:59 Kobe finally shows up, makes a layup, Knicks 19-13.

01:43 Lin to Fields, 21-13.

End of first quarter: Lin 12 points, 3 assists


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2nd Quarter

06:43 After a rest Lin enters the game. Hubie notes that the Lakers putting “bodies” on Lin as he drives and that this is good for his development. Get ready for another seventies reference.

06:51 Lin drives, makes a layup AND 1. Knicks up 36-24.

06:29 Lin has a failed drive. Two comparisons are made to Steve Nash, I am astounded that Hubie waited until the second quarter to start making this way-to-early stretch comparison.

06:06 Important to note that the announcers have said “Harvard” eight times up to this point. If there are Harvard students watching in their dorms and drinking shots each time their school is mentioned, well, it’s safe to say they are having a GREAT time!

05:59 Lin misses on a pass to Chandler. Hubie is quick to point out that this is the first time he has missed Chandler, EVER! Okay, I added ever.

05:45 Another Harvard reference.

05:18 “Harvard!” Should this game lead to stomachs being pumped up in Cambridge it is very possible Hubie will be dealing with a lawsuit.

03:33 Lin to Chandler, Knicks lead 43-36.

03:07 Lin hits a turnaround; he now has 16 points in the first half. To say Spike Lee is thrilled is a major understatement. I say only one week before Lee is wearing a Lin jersey. Maybe one hour.

02:43 Lin, spin move, two more. He’s smiling as he comes back to the bench. Loving this kid!

00:18 After three more Harvard references (and presumably three more shots of Patron), Matt Barnes to Pau Gasol for two, pulls the Lakers within eight.

End of half, Jeremy Lin: 18 points, 5 assists. During an exit interview he is concerned with the defense and wants to go look at tape, during the half. Again, LOVING this kid! Off camera Hubie yells, “HARVARD!” Assuming that last part happened.


3rd Quarter

11:15 Lin drives and goes over Bynum with a short floater. Knicks up 51-41. Line goes over 20 points for his fourth consecutive game.

07:15 Kobe is 1-10, keeps shooting. Knicks up 54-46.

05:46 Lin to Billy Walker, finishes with a reverse layup.

05:24 Bryant drains a tough shot from the corner. Last two possessions have been VERY entertaining. The NBA it’s FAAAANTASTIC!

03:27 Lots of fouls, the game is turning physical, favoring the Lakers. Knicks up 58-54.

03:17 Lin drives and finishes another layup. He has 24 points; the Knicks are up 60-54.

01:26 Lin hits a free throw. MVP chants are heard raining down at MSG. I haven’t seen this excitement in a long time. I’m waiting for Patrick Ewing to show up and raise his arms. Knicks up 65-56.

00:52 Bryant heating up, has a quiet 18 points heading into the fourth.



4th Quarter

11:42 We learn that Lin has been sleeping on his brother’s couch in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. This has the makings of a truly remarkable story. Hubie is at a loss for words as he searches his memory bank for another seventies reference.

10:08 Two Bryant free throws, pulls the game within six.

09:26 L.A. hits a three, Knicks lead cut to 70-67.

08:44 Lin comes back and hits a layup.

08:03 Lin drops a jumper from the corner. He now has 29 points.

07:38 Kobe, with nowhere to go throws the ball off the backboard, retrieves it and kicks out to Gasol for a jumper. Phenomenal play by Kobe!

06:49 Iman Shumpert hits a jumper, he is having a nice game off the bench.

06:30 Bryant knocks down a jumper, 26 points for Kobe.

06:04 Lin drops in a jumper from the top of the key. MSG is full of energy!

05:33 Lin stares down Gasol then drops another three! The crowd explodes. Lin is blowing the roof off of MSG. Knicks lead 84-71.

04:00 Kobe hits AND 1, but it’s too late…

The Knicks hold off the Lakers and go on to a 92-85 win in front of an excited crowd that exits talking about one person. The surprise is that his name is NOT Kobe. Lin finishes with 38 points. Most importantly, this is a great story unfolding. During a time of lock out, free agency, and requested trades it’s rare to see a special player emerge from nowhere. The grin on Lin’s face after he makes a big shot is the same one we all tried to suppress during our youth. He is embracing a role that appears he was built to play. NOTE: The next morning the back cover featured Jeremy Lin with the heading: LINCREDIBLE!


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