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It's Melo Time!

With Knicks fighting for their playoff lives, Carmelo will carry Knicks


He's gone from savior to scapegoat in 1 year. No matter who you ask, everyone has an opinion about Carmelo Anthony. Either they hate him or love him with no in between. Some feel he forced the Knicks to trade away too much to get him, others feel it had to be done. Some feel he ran Mike D'antoni out of town, others feel D'antoni never wanted him in the first place and was more than happy to live with Jeremy Lin as the headliner of the 2012 Knicks. But no matter what opinion you may have about Carmelo Anthony, his talent is undeniable. He's a top 10 NBA talent who can light up the box score whenever he feels like it. As much as some people and so called "experts" love to criticize Carmelo, only Lebron James and Kevin Durant can even be mentioned as better Small Forwards! Carmelo Anthony was one of the main reasons USA was even able to win a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics! Let’s not fool ourselves, should Carmelo grab more rebounds? Absolutely! At 6'8" 230lbs he is a beast! But are we that obsessed to find a reason to dislike Melo that we nitpick at an All-Star Small Forward who averages 6 rebounds a game?? Last time I checked, he was just behind Dirk Nowitzki (6.6 per game) and just ahead of Paul Pierce (5.3 per game) in rebounds, and Dirk is a 7 footer! Or maybe everyone is upset that his points per game are down from his career average of 24.6 a game to 21.1 a game. Which, by the way, still puts him in the top 10 in scoring and is only 1.6 points a game less than Dwayne Wade.

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If you want to criticize his defense, go ahead but if I remember correctly the Knicks didn't trade for Melo to be the Defensive Player of the year. So why all the hate? Bottom line, Carmelo Anthony is the best to wear the Orange and Blue since Patrick Ewing left a puddle of sweat on the Garden floor. He carried the Knicks against the Celtics in their playoff match up last year when Amare Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups were out, and he will do it again. He is averaging 29.4 points a game in his last 5 games with Amare and Lin out! He is carrying the Knicks to the Playoffs people! He is reminding us why you trade for a player like him. The NBA is about star power and if you want to win a NBA Championship you need a star. Melo is that star and he will refresh our memories of that. He has never missed the playoffs! I repeat, HE HAS NEVER MISSED THE PLAYOFFS! I can't say the same for King James and D-Wade, and only Kobe Bryant makes more game winning shots! He doesn't buckle under the bright lights of NYC as so many others have or were too scared to even try. He just sets up on that right wing of the court and tortures would be defenders. Doesn't matter who the Knicks play in the playoffs because Carmelo gives them a legit chance to advance, and that's what you want from your star player. You want to know that you have one of the best players on the court and at any moment he can explode and carry your team to a win. Carmelo is that type of player. He will lead the Knicks to the playoffs and if he gets hot he will remind us all why the Knicks traded for him.




By: Eric Sanchez
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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