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Knicks Ready for Playoffs, Heat Prime for Upset


-Now that the hectic 2012 NBA regular season is done, the real fun can begin! The 2012 NBA Playoffs begin tomorrow April 28th and it will definitely be must see TV! There are great match-ups in both conferences, but the one to catch the most attention; grab the most headlines, and possibly has the most star power is the match-up between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. This is the match-up the NBA prayed for. The Knicks are hot, the Heat are the most talked about team. Lebron James will probably win the 2012 MVP Award and Carmelo Anthony is the hottest player in the NBA right now! 3 of the top-10 players in the league will be on display, and let's not forget the history between these 2 teams. You can bet on seeing highlights of PJ Brown hip tossing Charlie Ward into the front row, Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson throwing haymakers at each other and not hitting a thing, and of course Jeff Van Gundy holding onto Alonzo's leg the same way my daughter wraps around mine when she is hyped up on way too much candy.

Its the match up Knicks fans are craving for. The Knicks and their fan weren't interested in the Chicago Bulls as their first round match-up in the playoffs. Derrick Rose is a good guy and Joakim Noah is from NY. They play hard, always seem humble during interviews, and never talk about taking their talents anywhere. How could you hate those two guys? Now Lebron James........oh he's easy to root against! Maybe too easy! See when you hold a press conference to announce you're leaving a team.....kind of hard not to dislike that. For 2 straight years the Knicks completely tanked their season in hopes of landing him. So when he decided he was going to turn his free agency into an ESPN special, in Upstate NY no less, Knicks fans thought we had landed the most prized free agent in the history of the NBA! I mean the guy was from Cleveland but he came to NY to announce where he was going, so why would we think anything else. As we all know that didn't happen. The Knicks regrouped, turning to Amare Stoudemire to be the face of the Knicks. Swapped young talent for the most gifted scorer in the game right now in Carmelo Anthony, persuaded Tyson Chandler that NY was where he should be, and Glen Grunwald worked his magic and brought in J.R. Smith and Steve Novak.


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Now almost 2 years since Lebron decided against coming to NY and playing for the Knicks they face each other. 'Bron is still trying to get his first championship and the Knicks are much better than they were when they tried to land him back in 2012. This could be a defining playoff series for Lebron James. He went to Miami to build a dynasty with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. He decided on Miami over every other team because he felt he would be surrounded by better teammates, but now he faces a Knicks team that has its own 2 stars and a very solid supporting cast, a supporting cast that could have been his. The pressure is on Lebron and we all know how he has handled that in the past. "King James" allowed Jason Terry to trash talk him during last years Finals then was outplayed by Terry. This is a guy who led his team to the number 1 seed two years in a row in the Eastern Conference only to be upset by the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics in back-to-back years. It was obvious then but we looked away. We didn't want to believe it, but it was right in our faces. He wasn't built for NY. He wasn't built like that. The constant criticism and analysis would have been too much. He couldn't survive in NY, so he went with a city that wasn't in love and as passionate about their basketball team. He couldn't handle NY then, and he can't handle NY now. He would rather let Wade do the heavy lifting; he'll just take the praise. Now he is on a flawed team that relies on its 3 stars to do it all when he could of been on his way to being the "King of NY". He'll get a great view of what Madison Square Garden is like May. He won't like it either.....Miami has 6 more games before their season is over. I said last year Dallas would beat the Heat in 6 games because they had a better big man and an advantage at the point guard position. That same big man was brought over to get in 'Brons way again along with 2 stars who wanted that NY pressure. Knicks in 6 games! Remember who you heard it from!




By: Eric Sanchez
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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