Quantcast 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Andrew Bynum's Importance


Why Andrew Bynum will be the reason the Lakers win a championship



Ever since Pau Gasol came to the Lakers he and Andrew Bynum have formed what is considered the best center and power forward combination in all of basketball. Their 7 foot frames at the two positions have been unheard of in basketball history. They complement each other very well as they are both skilled big men who can pass the ball and they know how to finish around the rim. When the Lakers won back to back championships everybody praised Pau Gasol for stepping up, but now this season the focus is on Andrew Bynum. Bynum is posting career numbers this year that also includes his first All-Star game. Last night against the Spurs Bynum recorded 30 rebounds joining only four other Lakers to have 30 or more rebounds in a game. Bynum is showing this season that he can be the best center is basketball and that he is not that far off. Put simply when Bynum is healthy he is just a monster that can’t be stopped.


The big concern with Bynum this season is that his maturity issues are starting to be a big concern among Laker fans. Numerous times Bynum has made very stupid decisions that leave people questioning whether he should be the future face of the franchise for the Los Angeles Lakers. Other examples have been last Friday against the Houston Rockets Bynum was settling in to a groove offensively and after he made a basket he said something to the Rockets and received his second technical of the game and was ejected. Bynum has to learn that people are gunning for him now, because he is becoming that dominant to where people will try to get under his skin and get him mad to make him do something stupid.

I’m not saying that he can’t get angry, but do it with your game. It reminds me of Shaquille O’Neal when he first came to the NBA. He was always getting fouled hard, because he was just that dominant so people wanted to cheap shot him to see if they can get him off his game. Bynum needs to control his emotions and just keep playing his game. If Bynum can continue to play the way that he has been playing lately for the Lakers he will be the unquestioned reason the Lakers win the NBA championship this year.


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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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