Quantcast 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Mavericks


Lakers offense should start with Bynum and Gasol



Through 15 games through the season the Lakers are 10-5, the defense has definitely improved and played well, but the offense is well behind. After watching last night’s awful offensive game against the Mavericks (even though they won) I saw a Laker team that needs to get better consistency on the offensive side of the ball if they want to win another championship. They only made one three pointer the whole game which was Derek Fisher’s game winning three, and they are last in three point field goal percentage. I saw them taking way to many jump shots and not attacking the paint, but most importantly I didn’t like how the Lakers were using Bynum and Gasol.


I thought they should have gave the ball to Bynum and Gasol when they posted up more, yet they took quick jump shots that I’m sure Mike Brown was not happy about. Many times I thought Bynum and Gasol played good defense and they were not rewarded on the offensive end by their teammates. I am a big believer in the saying feed the big fellows when they do something good. Hopefully this game will be an example for the Lakers that you must start your offense inside and then out. Let Bynum and Gasol get early touches inside the paint and attract the perimeter players and that will open up the three point shot for the Lakers. There are very few people that can handle Bynum and Gasol in the post and with the way how Bynum is playing he is demanding a double team every time he touches the ball. Let the big men go work early to soften up the inside and that way the Lakers will have a better flow to their offense.

Kobe Bryant is the main one that needs to realize this as well; because I have not liked his shot selections sometimes to where he could have gave the ball up to Bynum or Gasol, because they had a better shot. Obviously, Bryant is feeling very good from the operation on his knee, but that doesn’t mean he has to become the Kobe Bryant that was scoring 50 points every night. The Lakers are still a good offensive team to where Bryant doesn’t need to score 40. He just has to trust his big man, and so far I think they have earned it.

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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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