Quantcast 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Pacers


Pau Gasol needs to step up his game offensively



The Lakers suffered their third straight loss on Sunday night as they fell to the Indiana Pacers 98-96. Kobe Bryant led the way again for the Lakers with 33 points; the next closest person to scoring for the Lakers was Andrew Bynum with 16 points. The Lakers are now 10-8 and they are just not finding a rhythm offensively other than Kobe Bryant. This was a team that for the past four seasons scoring was never a problem for the Lakers and now it seems that the Lakers don’t even know how to put the ball in the basket anymore. Could it be Mike Brown’s offense, I mean was Phil Jackson’s triangle that successful for guys like Pau Gasol who can easily average 20 and 10 every night.


This brings me to Pau Gasol, I as a Laker fan will always appreciate everything Pau Gasol has done for the Lakers, because ever since he arrived in L.A. it has been nothing but success for the Lakers (as you can see by the back to back championships) but Gasol has got to step up his play on the offensive side. He is not as consistent as he has been in the past and he just seems very out of rhythm in Mike Brown’s new offense. Gasol and Bryant are still a dangerous pick and roll tandem, and I think Mike Brown has to implement that more in his offense with Gasol’s skill set. I would like to see the Lakers get Pau Gasol on the block more and give him the ball and let him go to work, too many times he is getting the ball in a face up position far away from the basket and he is settling for jump shots.

Pau Gasol is the key for the Lakers offense to get back on track. The rumors are already heating up about the Lakers should go after Dwight Howard or should the Lakers just go ahead and rebuild, but the Lakers are really shooting themselves in the foot with their lack of execution of the offensive end and it starts with not utilizing Pau Gasol the right way. Mike Brown is the one calling the offensive plays and if he is seeing what the rest of Laker land is seeing then he should know by now that Gasol needs to get the ball more often and Gasol in return needs to be more aggressive.

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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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