Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Kobe vs Dwyane Wade


Does Dwayne Wade have a problem with Kobe Bryant?



The latest in the Wade and Bryant feud (just kidding) is when Wade gave Bryant a hard foul at the All-Star game. Bryant suffered a broken nose as well as a concussion; you can make the case that it will probably crack the top 10 of All-Star game fouls. Wade wasn’t quick to apologize, but he said that he did on Tuesday apologize to Kobe Bryant. This brings me to my question, does Wade have a problem with Bryant. Let’s look at the facts; Wade will probably go down as the third best shooting guard behind Michael Jordan (of course) and Kobe Bryant. Is there a little jealously there that Wade will be No.3 instead of No.1, who knows? Kobe Bryant won three straight championships with Shaquille O’Neal with the Lakers and Dwayne Wade only won one when O’Neal was with the Heat. Is Wade upset that he wasn’t able to capitalize better on having one the most dominant big mans to ever the play the game?


You may say that Wade and Bryant seem all buddy when you see them talking and there is no question that they are friends. Could it just be that they are literally just showing sportsmanship during games. Let’s look at last years All-Star game when it was held in Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant won his fourth All-Star game MVP. In the press conference Wade made it seem like that it was a bad thing that Kobe was trying to go for MVP. For one the All-Star game was in the Los Angeles where he has a lot of fans, and when have you ever seen Kobe Bryant not give it his all in a basketball game, the man is a competitor. Wouldn’t Wade would have wanted to go for MVP if the All-Star game MVP if it was held in Miami. I think he would.


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There is definitely mutual respect between the two, because they are great players, but after the latest incident between the two I just have to bring it up, because it is becoming an interesting topic. The Heat will visit the Lakers Sunday at Staples Center and these two will again go at it and it should be a good one considering what has happened. As Bart Scott would say ‘Can’t Wait!”


By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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