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Why Metta World Peace back in the starting lineup is a good idea



The Lakers have lost five of the last seven games. They are an abysmal 2-7 on the road. They did win their last game against Minnesota, but after holding an 18 point lead in the third quarter the Lakers allowed the Timberwolves to cut into the lead and the Lakers ended up winning by only five. The Lakers have had a hard time closing opponents out and Sunday night was a good example of it, when you have a team on the ropes like the Lakers had the Timberwolves they should be able to maintain their big lead, but they weren’t. Mike Brown spoke after the team’s practice on Monday about possibly putting Metta World Peace back in the starting lineup and I think that would be a good idea.


Putting World Peace back in the starting lineup would be a good idea for the Lakers, because World Peace will bring much needed energy and toughness to the starting lineup that has been missing all season. The Lakers don’t really have an identity on offense as far as people knowing their roles and with World Peace back in the starting lineup they can get that cleared up. By having World Peace in the starting lineup everybody would know their role; Bynum would know that he is there for interior defense and rebounding, Gasol would know that he is the No. 2 option behind Kobe Bryant, World Peace would know that he is there for perimeter defense to guard the opposing team’s best player, Bryant well we all know what Kobe Bryant would do and Derek Fisher would know that he is in there to spread the floor. See that is balance that the Lakers need in their starting lineup. With Matt Barnes the Lakers just look confused like they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know if Barnes is supposed to be a scorer or a defensive stopper and that affects the whole team.

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With World Peace in the starting lineup the Lakers would also have more low post options. I know that was the reason that Mike Brown wanted World Peace coming off the bench, because he didn’t want it to get crowded in the post area, but I think this is the best option for the Lakers. They can be able to have their way in the low post with four low post scorers and that will also open the opportunity for more rebounding options as well. It’s obvious what a difference Metta World Peace can make for the Lakers when he is starting and maybe Mike Brown will see that and give him a chance.



By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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