Quantcast 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers Playoff Update


Andrew Bynum making a difference for Lakers in the playoffs



The Lakers have gotten off to a hot start in the 2012 playoffs. Kobe Bryant has scored 30 plus points in the first two games and both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol have had their way with the Denver frontcourt. The most important of all these things is the fact that Andrew Bynum has looked like the best center in the NBA so far in the playoffs. In Game 1 he had the first Laker triple double in a playoff game since 1991 when Magic Johnson did it. Bynum is showing that he is the X-Factor if the Lakers want to win another championship. Amazing that we are talking about Bynum as an X-Factor after what happened last year in the playoffs when he cheap shot J.J. Barea and their where rumors that the Lakers where considering trading him in the off-season. Bynum has come a long way since then and he is now considered a very important piece to the Lakers team.


Bynum understands that in these playoffs maybe the best thing that he can contribute to the Lakers is not on the offensive end, but on the defensive end. He showed that when he had 10 blocked shots in Game 1. When Bynum is engaged on the defensive side the Lakers are such a better team, because that is the effect that Bynum has on the Lakers. No question that Bynum has had his up and downs this year from taking a questionable three point shot in transition to showing is immaturity sometimes, but Bynum has grown up quickly in these playoffs and that could take the Lakers a long way.

These playoffs are very important for Andrew Bynum just for the fact that now he is an integral option for the Lakers. You can see that Bynum now has confidence in him, because the Lakers have trusted him and they have depended on him late in games. No question that if the Lakers are going to win an NBA championship this year it will not be because of Kobe Bryant it will be because of Andrew Bynum.


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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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