Quantcast 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Thunder


Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol are the keys against the Thunder



After the horrible Game 6 lost in the first round to the Denver Nuggets Kobe rightfully questioned the Lakers heart specifically Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Kobe was playing with a stomach illness and still played harder than everybody else. You tell me what’s wrong with that picture. You can understand Kobe’s frustration, when you have two skilled seven footers like Bynum and Gasol who game in and game out can make a difference, but don’t do it consistently he needs to voice his frustration and let them know about it. In Game 7 Bynum and Gasol stepped up the way the needed to for the Lakers to advance to the second round.


This brings me to my next point the Lakers will play the Thunder in the second round and again the Lakers have a size advantage up front. Kendrick Perkins is a great low post defender, but if Bynum shows up to play I believe that he can dominate Kendrick Perkins. While the Gasol vs. Ibaka matchup will be a very good one to watch. Both players can hit the outside jump shot to stretch the defense and Ibaka is a shot blocking machine. The key thing is though that the Thunder has limited people on their bench who can control Bynum and Gasol. Collison is a hard nose defender, but he is no threat offensively and the size of Bynum and Gasol could bother him while they also have Nazr Mohammed he can just not stay with Bynum.

If the Lakers want to win this series and advance to the Western Conference Finals I believe that they need to attack and attack the Thunder inside. I thought that they settled too much for perimeter jump shots against Denver and I don’t believe that they will be able to get away with it when they play the Thunder. The Thunder is an exact same image of the Denver Nuggets they want to speed up the past and not stay in a half court game, which is what the Lakers want to do. So for the Lakers they have to not turn the ball over and take good shots which are why they should start their offense from the inside with Bynum and Gasol. The Lakers have to start using their advantage more often which is in the inside if they want to win a championship, because it has shown that it is the way for them to be successful.


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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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