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Why Lakers should accept Rockets latest trade offer



It has been reported that the Houston Rockets have offered the Lakers Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and a future first round draft pick for Pau Gasol. When I first saw this trade I was thinking I wouldn’t accept the trade, but then when I really looked and evaluated the trade I thought this is a definite win for the Lakers if the Rockets are really offering all of this for one player. I love Pau Gasol and everything that he has done for the Lakers, and no matter what anybody says I will always appreciate him for helping the Lakers win back to back championships. With that said I think this is the best offer the Lakers will probably get for Pau Gasol and I think it is worth trading Gasol for the pieces that the Lakers will get in return.


First, the Lakers would get a lot of salary cap relief by trading Pau Gasol. They signed Gasol to a three-year contract extension for $66 million and I’m sure that the three Rocket players combined are not making half of that salary. By trading Gasol the Lakers can lower their cap room even more and can avoid any luxury taxes. You then have to consider that Gasol is only averaging 16.7 points per game this year and that is right around the same average as Luis Scola, the only difference though is that Gasol is averaging more rebounds than Scola and that is why the Lakers are the best rebounding team in the league. Then you have to look at the offense that the Lakers will be receiving for Pau Gasol. Kevin Martin is as pure a scorer as you can ask for, Luis Scola can spread the floor like Gasol with a nice mid range jumper, and Goran Dragic has come on strong offensively the last two seasons to show that he is a scoring threat as a point guard.


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This trade works in the Lakers favor, because they can have Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic helping the Lakers bench offensively and they can have a guy like Luis Scola who has a similar game to Gasol. If I’m Mitch Kupchak I take this offer especially considering the Lakers last two losses were to Detroit and Washington. After seeing these last two losses I would be convinced that the Lakers need to do something, because all they seem intent on doing is blaming Mike Brown for his offense being too complicated and practices too long. They need a change and I think this trade would be perfect for them.



By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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