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2 Things that will happen in the NBA this Season


After a long lockout the NBA is back as of Christmas Day. We’ve already had some interesting transactions in the abbreviated NBA offseason (NBA Commissioner David Stern overturning The Chris Paul to the Lakers 3-team trade, The Lakers basically giving away Lamar Odom to the Mavericks after he was hurt he was included in the overturned deal,) The wheeling and dealing isn’t over with yet because the season has started. I predict these 2 things will happen this 2011-2012 NBA Season.

1). The Lakers will acquire C Dwight Howard from the Magic at the NBA Trade deadline when they finally agree to Orlando’s Demand of F/C Pau Gasol and C Andrew Bynum.

Magic General Manager Otis Smith may appear to be foolish by holding on to Howard even though he (Howard) is waffling back and forth about staying and going, but he (Smith) is just waiting for the only deal that would benefit the Magic long-term to finally be agreed upon, trading the best Center in the NBA for the best frontcourt duo currently going right now in Gasol and Bynum. Jim Buss, calling the shots for the Lakers after his father Jerry has passed down power to him, is doing things his way which is not a good thing for the organization, is stubbornly refusing to even consider trading Bynum, considering him to be part of the Lakers’ future for years to come. However, somebody in the Lakers’ brain trust to finally get in Buss’s ear that acquiring Howard and pairing him Kobe Bryant in his last few good years left with keep the Lakers one of the NBA’s elite teams for the foreseeable future. The Magic would also want to throw in Hedo Turkoglu in the trade, which would benefit the Lakers as he can filled the role Lamar Odom once had as the jack-of trades X-factor. Gilbert Arenas, who was amnestied by the Magic in the off-season, has said he will sign wherever Howard ended up this season. Arenas would give the Lakers more depth and scoring punch from the bench and make them a legitimate title threat again. The trade also benefits the Magic because with Gasol and Bynum, The Magic would once again be one of the NBA’s elite teams and an automatic NBA title threat. In the undersized Eastern Conference, the Magic’s size up front would be tough for teams to defend against and score on in the post. The trade would be a win-win for both franchises.

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2.) The Oklahoma City Thunder will finally see that F Kevin Durant and G Russell Westbrook cannot co-exist and they have to get Westbrook off their team ASAP.

The Thunder are a young team that has matured very quickly to become of the NBA’s elite teams. Durant and Westbrook are carrying most of the weight for the team, but like every team there is a pecking order. The Thunder is Durant’s team, as he is a legitimate MVP candidate and in my personal opinion the 2 nd best player in the NBA behind F LeBron James of the Miami Heat. Westbrook wants to be the man, while no doubt he has the talent to be Batman, the team needs him to be Robin. In the Thunder’s playoff run last season, there were several games when Westbrook went 1-on-5 against the other team’s defense and left the team’s best player as a spectator for long stretches of games. Westbrook is a natural shooting guard, but is playing point guard at the Thunder’s request. The Thunder actually played better at times in the Playoffs with Eric Maynor, a natural point guard, running the team. Thunder Officials should have had their mind made up like mine was when Durant and Westbrook got into an argument on the sidelines for several minutes Wednesday (December 28 th) of the 98-95 victory of the Grizzlies in Memphis. Both players have downplayed the incident since, but neither will forget it anytime soon. The Thunder would be best served to trade Westbrook for a talented player who knows coming in this Durant’s team and he is just there to do his part to put OKC over the top to win a title, such as either Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors. Westbrook can then go to a team where he can be the Alpha Dog and take as much as many shots as he desires. The Thunder and Durant would both be better off in the long-term if this trade was made.




By: Gerald Britts
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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