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NBA Twitter Chatter: Brandon Jennings


Brandon Jennings is breaking out! Well, that is the hope of Milwaukee Bucks fans. With the Bucks falling to the bottom of the Central fast Jennings has picked up his team, netting two big wins on the road as well as an impressive showing against Denver.

January 17th (vs. Nuggets) 30 points, 6 assists, 3 steals

January 20th (vs. Knicks) 36 points, 5 assists, 6-12 3-points made/attempts

January 22nd (vs. Heat) 23 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds

How did ‘The Wolf’ put it in Pulp Fiction? Oh yeah, “Let’s not start sucking…” well you get the picture. Regardless, Jennings is showing signs of making the leap many have hoped for since being drafted and dropping 55 on Memphis just weeks into his rookie champagne.

Given his recent uptick this seems like a good time to check in on Brandon’s twitter account and see what’s been happening since the New Year.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aaliyah.........

Happy Birthday to my Grandma & Aunt Lou Lou.... Love you Guys!!! Enjoy your Day.

HAppy Birthday to my little brother @ the_next_one03 your 16 now, Enjoy your day!!! LOve you bro

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends @ travonneEdwards Enjoy your day Dawg!!! # AIS-DFC 4LIFE....

Now that is a lot of birthday wishes in one month (there may have been more, but difficult to decipher Twitter at times.) No wonder Jennings is lighting it up in January…growing up did anyone have more cake around them in January than Brandon Jennings?

I voted to send Brandon Jennings ( @ BRAND0NJENNINGS) from Milwaukee to the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. nba.com/ASB # BeMilwaukee

This was re-tweeted by Jennings. The tweet was initially tweeted from The Milwaukee Bucks official twitter account. Huh? They can do this (the team votes for their own players)? Who says small market teams are at a disadvantage? Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks have got this figured out.



I wonder how many people would actually talk the mess they talk on twitter, in person to Athletes/Rappers/Actors. Not many i'm sure

Amen Brandon. Amen. Also, sports writers. Don’t forget about those bastards!

I'm really pulling for Tim Tebow, if this man gets to the Super Bowl... ya'll gotta Respect that!!!

Does anyone not like Tim Tebow?

Set It Off....... Is On # HBO

Sounds a lot better than (look over at my television and see guy with a bad mustache trying to outsmart some girl wearing a cowboy hat), uh, never mind. Definitely NOT #HBO

Just watched every episode of "Under the Armour" back to back to back to back..... Etc.

This was initially tweeted by a fellow named Logan Garland. Let’s hope either Brandon knows this guy or he is just a big fan. I won’t comment on the obsessive behavior of watching all the commercials back to back…I once watched a full season of The Wire in one sitting. True story.

Follow Brandon Jennings on Twitter: @BRANDONJENNINGS



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