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NBA Twitter Chatter: Carmelo Anthony


As the NBA approaches training camp it’s time to check in via social media and see how the players are preparing for the season. This week a look at Carmelo Anthony and his Twitter highlights from the past ten days…

Success is the result of psychologically preparing yourself for it, prior to achieving it!!!!!!!

Good advice for all the kids out there. Hey, what are all of you kids doing on Twitter and Facebook? Get out of here… Also, this is good advice for the Clippers.

"How can one improve without deconstructing the old"

Only two tweets in and Melo is getting deep. What are the odds this is in regards to the free agency free-for-all? Translation: How do we get a point guard without giving up our new big three?

Melo Retweeted @TonyNYsays: Newest Melo quote to over analyze! RT "How can one improve without deconstructing the old"

I love that his name is “TonyNYsays”. I’m scared to do the research, can someone else check and see if @PaullyNYyells, @TonyTellsItLikeItIs, and @PeterBronxUpset are all taken as Twitter names?

3rd Annual "Very Melo Xmas"!!!!! Celebrating 300 kids who displayed a BeMore Attitude.


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Not Brandon Roy!!!!!!!! The # NBA is losing a great one. Damn!!!!!!!!!

Don’t sweat your buddy Melo, given the Knicks backcourt they may very well call up Roy in a couple months and have one of those “So, one of your knees is feeling better, right?” conversations.

Melo Retweeted @bayfrazier RT Here today, gone tomorrow! Don't sleep on LIFE because u may not wake up! Live, love, laugh & enjoy

Love it! Add “recreational drug use” and this advice is the same as the mission statement of The New York Dolls.

What a game. WoW!!!!!!! One helluva shot!!!!!

Melo re-watching the 1992 Duke-Kentucky game?


I’m assuming Carmelo is sitting inside a church right now.



I'm good!!!!! No worries

One of those tweets where without a reply we don’t know what this is in reference to. Could be Chris Paul checking in, making sure David Stern isn’t holding other NBA stars hostage. Unlikely, but now not impossible.

Tree shopping!!!!!!!!!!

NBA stars always walk into the lot and say “I’ll take the tallest tree you have”, right?

Downloading "Heads Up Cristiano" on my iPhone, I hear its addicting. Get it too

2 Years Ago: Downloading “Angry Birds” on my iPhone, I hear its addicting.



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