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NBA Twitter Chatter: LeBron James


As the NBA approaches training camp it’s time to check in via social media and see how the players are preparing for the season. This week a look at Lebron James and his Twitter highlights from the past ten days…

Just watched a story about Hershall Walker on @espn. He's a monster!! Don't want no parts of him. He straight about business/getting it done

Forget his monster career. Does anyone else hear “Herschel Walker” and immediately think: That was the guy the Vikings traded for and gave the Cowboys enough draft picks to win three Super Bowls? I still hate the Vikings for this.


Miami-NY-Columbus-Akron all in 1 day. I can't wait to get home in bed. It’s been a great day! Until next time

Wow, Miami to Akron is quite a shift in culture. What would be the ultimate AWESOME to AWFUL range? I’m thinking LAS VEGAS-NEW ORLEANS-MIAMI-NYC-DETROIT-OMAHA-AKRON. During the NY to Detroit flight would be a good time to take your anti-depressants.

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Haaaaaa! @SportsCenter is clowing Trevor Matich right now. 3 receptions, TD in 12 NFL seasons. T-4 423rd all time #C'monMan

King James is calling out @SportsCenter; uh this isn’t really a big deal is this?


RT @Fuzzy_Slipper: Why @KingJames tweeting @SportsCenter like he won a ring?(I've heard some good ones, but that makes absolutely no sense!)

Apparently I have been misinformed. @Fuzzy_Slipper tells us this is a big deal. The rule is you can only mention @SportsCenter if you have a ring (although to be fair he doesn’t give specifics on kind of ring). This is the rule according to @Fuzzy_Slipper.


Man @UKCoachCalipari got some many Pros and athletes out there! Really young but talented team!

So much to say, too scared to comment.


Been to many great restaurants, places in my years so far, but there's nothing like Momma's cooking! #loveher

Uh, oh! No word of workouts and I’m going to assume mom’s home cooking isn’t low fat…



This Den vs Min game is great!! Big play after big play!

Even LeBron is turning into a Tebow fan?


58 seconds for Aaron Rodgers. Let's see what happens

SPOILER ALERT: He wins the game.


The NFC East stays the same. Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins all lost this week.

Yes, this is a horrible division. Sort of reminds me of the NBA Central Division…hmmm!


X-mas shopping for the kids at Toys R Us and I turned into one again! #kidmemories

Anyone else picture LeBron grabbing a Nerf basketball and slam dunking a five foot basket, letting out a howl, and yelling “WHO GOT NEXT!” Okay, I guess that’s more Kevin Garnett than King James.

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