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Is Kendrick Perkins being too sensitive?



For NBA players, getting dunked on will surely be part of their standard experience when you play hard ball on the court. And when you see players like LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant, rest assured that these guys will have a special dunk in store for anyone who gets in their way.

Twitter has become a common day necessity for most although not all may be too emphatic about blaring out their feelings in the social network world. But there was one tweet by LeBron that got the goat of Perkins, lambasting the Miami Heat star for wanting the world to like him.

The actual Tweet of LeBron goes like this: "Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I'm No. 2 now. Move over #6," James tweeted on Jan. 30 shortly after Griffin's soaring jam.

Is there something offensive about it?

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Well as far as Kendrick Perkins is concerned, it was sort of a humiliation on his part, something that he is obviously not too happy about.

And for his part, Perkins practically asks “why do you have to tweet about such things?”

For sure, LeBron was simply sharing his fascination for the emphatic Blake Griffin dunk and unfortunately, it was Perkins in the way. So is Perkins overreacting.

Judging by Perkins’ personality, it did seem like an attack of sorts which may have hurt his ego in a way.

However, you cannot stop anyone from tweeting what he feels and for Perkins, maybe it would be best to show his anger on the hardwood by competing and playing hard, especially when they go up against the Heat.

LeBron seems to be reacting in a way and through a process where other players would do when they are logged on to Twitter. The Perkins reaction seems a bit overboard but it is a fact that not all people take such things in stride just like that.



James has been known to get the goat of other players through his antics. In the past, he has had run-ins with Joakim Noah when he was still playing for Cleveland in 2009.

In that case, James was simply trying to have fun on the court, something which Noah took as a sign of disrespect.

Apparently, all these things are showing how James may still lack the maturity that new stars have. Considering his age, it doesn’t really surprise me but still, you cannot deprive the guy for wanting to have fun and showing his enthusiasm on such occasions.

For Perkins, it would be best to let your performance do the talking. It is easy to speak but when push comes to shove, fans will be more appreciative if your actions do what message you want to send across – without the intention to hurt of course.


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By: Brian Yalung
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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