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The Minnesota Timberwolves Bandwagon: It’s Time to Jump on Now!



The Northwest Division

If the Miami Heat are the NOW team and the Dallas Mavericks are yesterday’s team than it’s easy to make the case that Oklahoma City are NEXT. In fact, let’s steal from the WNBA (first time ever!) and just say, the Thunder got next! Not so fast. Look around the Division and you will see the Portland Trailblazers are sneaky good, The Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz are scrappy good and if history tells us anything, these teams will continue this way. Where does this put Minnesota? Initially you might think sneaky or scrappy good, but given their recent additions, it’s quite possible the Timberwolves got next! The team has a good roster balance of guards to big men (more below on this), a good balance of youth vs. veteran role players, and have shown that despite their slow start (below .500) they are capable on any given night beating their opponent. The lapses and inconsistency, well that’s part of the process. There may not be a team we see grow more this year than Minnesota. It’s safe to say, Minnesota may have NEXT!

The Kevin Love Jersey

Wouldn’t it be great to wear a jersey that promotes world peace, celebrates the local team, and can be given to your girlfriend as a declaration of your feelings? YES, the answer is yes. Yes it would.

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The Roster

Now more than ever (parity, shortened schedule) teams need balance in their roster. After a strange run on point guards during recent drafts (they were drafting guards like Rodney Dangerfield was buying school supplies in Back to School), Minnesota has finally figured it out. They now boast a balanced roster that has three up and coming stars, veteran role players, and guys looking to prove themselves. Let’s start with the stars. We’ve already mentioned the jersey, but Kevin Love also anchors the front court, along with rookie Derrick Williams. If they are going to dominate, they will need to trust each other. They will also need someone to get them the ball: presenting Ricky Rubio. After only a few games Rubio has been inserted into the starting lineup and is backing up the hype. He can score, dish, and also play a little defense, at least more than initially expected. Throw in Jose Barea and Luke Ridnour and the Timberwolves are able to throw several back court match-ups at their opponents. Finally, the misfits. If this was the NFL they would be playing for the Dallas Cowboys or Oakland Raiders. Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic, and Anthony Randolph all entered the NBA with high expectations and each failed to deliver in their own way. To be fair, it appears their game never matched the NBA style and was too difficult to adapt. However, they each have found is their niche as role players. Darko has set the example here, playing off the bench when needed while supplying hustle, defense, and rebounding. Beasley has followed suit and the team is expecting more of the same from Randolph. Is the roster perfect? No. It has more of a Detroit Pistons championship team feel to it, each player with their own role, trying to prove they are better than the odds laid out against them.

Jack Sikma Night

You probably know Rick Adelman is the head coach. You may even know Terry Porter is an assistant. DID YOU KNOW that Jack Sikma is also an assistant? It has been years since Jack has sported his hair-do best described as a permanent afro, but how long do the fans have to wait till “throw-back Jack Sikma night?” An arena of Twolve fans wearing Sikma wigs? Now that is a sixth man advantage. Jack Sikma night is imminent, if this isn’t reason enough to jump on the Minnesota Timberwolves bandwagon I just don’t know what is.


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