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Cp3: Heart of the Hornets firey sting


Fresh off winning a gold medal as the unstoppable penetrator for Team USA, Chris Paul is poised to the Hornets to its first ever conference crown and shot at the NBA title. With his blinding speed and quickness combined with his court vision, unselfishness, and lethal hesitation dribble (and the anti-handchecking rules), CP3 goes wherever he wants on the floor to setup his teammates, put pressure on the opposing defense, and to get his own shot.

But, as much as his physical talents, his competitiveness – the desire to win each game, not just his individual match-up – and his burgeoning leadership are the reasons New Orleans will be challenging for the Larry O’Brien Trophy come this Spring.

Paul, the team leader can score 30 or more every night versus any team. Yet, he sacrifices his own points to get all Hornets involved, keeping them focused and concentrated on team-ball on both ends of the court, all while running an efficient offense at a ridiculous 4.6:1 assist to turnover ratio. Paul realizes that to have each player perform at their individual level he has to understand each teammate’s character and aspirations. At a young age, CP3 became interested in psychology to better aid his insight of teammates. The concerted effort gives each player confidence in their playmaker and the opportunity to thrive, creating team unity with CP3 dishing out the ball and instruction to the team.

Gaining his teammates’ confidence and keeping them involved has merely been the first step to Paul’s inherent desire – winning. He loves winning at everything – PlayStation, basketball, anything and everything. And, he loathes defeat. Despises it. He hates to lose as much as Reagan hated the Soviets, perhaps even as much as Rosie O’Donnell hates salad and celery.


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All the greats have the same competitiveness. Jordan’s is the source of legend. Magic confessed to being so decimated by playoff losses that he would weep and then train harder than ever. Not all great talents have it; some merely care about box scores and paychecks, team wins and losses don’t even register as secondary. Yet, CP3’s passion has him obsessed with learning from and overcoming the brutal 7-game defeat to the Spurs, driving his team to practice harder and play smarter.


With the Hornets coming off their best season along with the young core of Chandler, West, and the MVP runner-up in addition to the plethora of shooter, George Shinn’s team is in good hands with CP3 driving the team to success with everyone’s eyes on playoff success and the ultimate prize, the O’Brien Trophy and a marvelous set of diamond championship rings.



By John Looney
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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