Quantcast LeBron James sweepstakes: Who gets him?


Lebron Sweepstakes: Reality check


For those seeing all the cap space and thinking “LeBron”. Think again, and think rationally. Dumars’ series of diatribes in press conferences after losing to the Celtics belabored at last two points in for everyone to know. First, he does not believe in rebuilding. Second, he wants to be a championship level team every year. As in, waiting out the 2009-10 season is not an option for Dumars or the Pistons.

Now, it is possible to roll over their cap space to next summer, and then try to convince LeBron to leave his Cavs, who will have more than $25 million in cap space that summer as well, for Detroit to play along the sides of Rip, Stuckey, and Maxiell. Why would LBJ leave a team that will win at least 50 games with a plethora of shooters and defensive minded bigs with the cap space to sign whomever LeBron can recruit? Rip is the only All-Star that would remain under contract with their current squad. (Contrary to other reports, Tayshaun Prince has never made an All-Star game, although he made one appearance… on the Sophomore squad.)

How about because the notorious “Worldwide” Wes knows Dumars and has a free pass to the Palace whenever he wants? This is beyond ridiculous. Worldwide probably has the free passes to at least 10 different NBA venues, if not more, and countless others throughout amateur and pro sports, including the Quicken Loans Arena, since he is known and trusted by various powerful basketball people throughout all levels. Furthermore, what is Worldwide going to do… brainwash LeBron while he is sleeping? Maybe Worldwide is a hypnotist.


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How about because Leon Rose is both Iverson’s agent and Bron Bron’s? Okay. So, the Pistons trade for Iverson and do not sign him to a lucrative long-term deal. And, that is going to make Rose like Dumars and Motown more?

Luring LeBron may be Plan B or C for Joe D, but it is hard to imagine Dumars putting everything into getting a superstar to sign two years from now, giving on next year before it even begins. Moreover, it is even more absurd to imagine LeBron leaving for Detroit after declaring he wants to stay (under the right circumstances – winning) in Cleveland under the criteria set by pundits detailing the reasons and the “conspiracy”.



by John Looney
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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